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Scarthgap 5.0 release packed with 300+ recipe upgrades and improvements to a variety of critical areas.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Yocto Project, an open source collaborative project that developers use to create custom Linux-based systems, today announced the release of Scarthgap 5.0, the latest Long Term Support (LTS) release. This mega-release is packed with over 300 recipe upgrades and improvements to a variety of critical areas including core workflow, security, testing, Toaster web UI, packaging, and the roll-out of a new plug-in for VSCode among other available IDEs. As a Yocto Project LTS release, Scarthgap 5.0 will be maintained with bug fixes and security updates for 4 years.

Yocto continues to grow and is pleased to welcome Boeing at the Platinum level, alongside AMD, Arm, AWS, BMW Group, Cisco, Comcast, Exein, Intel, LG Electronics, Qualcomm and WindRiver. As a Platinum Member, Boeing brings extensive knowledge regarding Embedded Linux and Yocto Project usage in safety-critical environments to the project community.

“Yocto Project usage is subtle but extensive, powering the internet in routers through to telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and much more,” said Richard Purdie, Yocto Project Architect. “We’re happy to welcome Boeing recognizing and supporting the project and now being able to publicly illustrate the project’s role in another key industry.”

“Boeing is honored to join the Yocto Project as a Platinum Member,” said Jinnah Hosein, Software Engineering Vice President and Chief Software Engineer of the Boeing Company. “Simply put, it’s the best technical solution available today for creating custom Linux builds for embedded targets. We recognize the long-standing hard work of the project’s maintainers, and we look forward to supporting them and contributing back into the ecosystem.”

“It is wonderful to see major companies that gain so much benefit from open source contribute back and invest in the sustainability of those projects,” said Andrew Wafaa, Yocto Project Chair. “I am delighted to welcome Boeing as a Platinum member to the Yocto Project and look forward to furthering both Boeing’s use of and influencing of the Yocto Project”

The Yocto Project is proud to announce the details for their annual Yocto Project Developer Day, taking place on Thursday, September 19 alongside Open Source Summit Europe in Vienna, Austria. This full-day event provides beginner and advanced developers with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sessions, presentations, and tutorials dedicated to the project and members of the community. The Call for Proposals is now open and accepting submissions for a variety of new and traditional topics, including Aerospace/Safety-Critical and Security.

The Yocto Project continues to drive open source collaboration around custom Linux-based systems. To learn more about Yocto Project, including how to become a member, contribute to the community, and register for Yocto Project Developer Day, please visit the Yocto Project website. Full release notes for Scarthgap 5.0 are available here.

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