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The Yocto Project’s “Layer Model” is a development model for embedded and IoT Linux creation that distinguishes the Yocto Project from other simple build systems. The Layer Model simultaneously supports collaboration and customization. Layers are repositories that contain related sets of instructions that tell the OpenEmbedded Build System what to do.

Layers support the inclusion of technologies, hardware components, and software components. The Yocto Project Compatible designation is applied to appropriate products and software components (BSPs, other OE-compatible layers, and related open source projects). This provides a level of standardization and contributes to a strong ecosystem.

Know what you’re looking for? Search the layer index below. New to layers? Check out our Layer Model Guide to get started.

If you are a Yocto Project member* or a non-profit open source project that is creating layers using the Yocto Project, you are eligible** to apply for Yocto Project Compatible status. Apply today!

YP Compatible Layer Registration Application

*Must be Platinum, Gold, or Silver membership level
** Additional criteria required to be approved. More details are available in the application form.

LayerBranchesDescriptionSource Code
meta-agl-coremaster, kirkstoneThis is the core layer with essential recipes and the distro.Jan-Simon Möller
meta-armmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldGeneral layer for Arm recipesJon Mason and Ross Burton
meta-arm-bspmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldBSP layer for Arm reference and virtual platformsJon Mason and Ross Burton
meta-arm-toolchainmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldThis layer adds support for building with Arm GCC and Arm GCC binary toolchains.Jon Mason
meta-awsmaster, dunfell, honister, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldThe standard layer for Amazon Web Services off-cloud software.Richard Elberger
meta-clangmaster, nanbieldClang/llvm alternative to gcc for C/C++ cross compilerKhem Raj
meta-exeinmaster, nanbieldPulsar supportGianluigi Spagnuolo
meta-filesystemsmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldTools for providing and working with additional filesystems.Martin Jansa
meta-gem5kirkstoneRecipe and machine for the gem5 simulator system.Jon Mason and Ross Burton
meta-gnomemaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldGNOME UI supportMartin Jansa and Koen Kooi
meta-gplv2dunfell, kirkstoneRecipes corresponding to old, obsolete versions of software that are GPLv2 licensed where the upstream have moved to GPLv3 licenses.Ross Burton
meta-initramfsmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldinitramfs toolsAndrea Adami and Paul Eggleton
meta-intelmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldOfficial layer for Intel platform/board support.Anuj Mittal
meta-mingwmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldOpenEmbedded meta layer for mingw based SDKsRichard Purdie
meta-multimediamaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldMultimedia-related softwareKoen Kooi
meta-netbootmaster, kirkstoneThis layer contains some recipes and configuration adjustments to allow network boot through NBD (network boot device).Jan-Simon Möller
meta-networkingmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldNetwork-related softwareJoe MacDonald
meta-oemaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldAdditional shared OE metadataKhem Raj
meta-perlmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldAdditional Perl recipes beyond those provided in OE-CoreHongxu Jia
meta-pipewiremaster, kirkstoneThis layer holds the sound manager 'pipewire' and session manager 'wireplumber'Jan-Simon Möller
meta-pokymaster, dunfell, kirkstonePoky reference distribution for the Yocto ProjectRichard Purdie
meta-pythonmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldRecipes for packaging Python modulesDerek Straka and Tim "moto-timo" Orling
meta-python-mixindunfell"Mixin" layer on top of meta-python for additional modules, versions or various other backported functionality.Stefan Schmidt, Andrei Gherzan and Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin
meta-raspberrypikirkstoneRaspberry Pi board supportAndrei Gherzan
meta-ti-bspmaster, kirkstoneThe official OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Texas Instruments platforms.Ryan Eatmon and Denys Dmytriyenko
meta-ti-extrasmaster, kirkstoneLayer with extra components to extend Texas Instruments BSP layerRyan Eatmon and Denys Dmytriyenko
meta-virtualizationmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldHypervisor, virtualization tool stack, and cloud supportBruce Ashfield
meta-webservermaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldWeb server related softwareDerek Straka
meta-xfcemaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldXFCE UI supportAndreas Müller
meta-yocto-bspmaster, dunfell, kirkstoneBSP layer for Yocto Project reference hardwareRichard Purdie