Yocto Project has become widely adopted in the industry, from semiconductor vendors, independent software vendors and services companies. An active development community is one of the components pushing the project forward. This program shows how the project values its outstanding contributors.

Being a Yocto Project Ambassador is a great accomplishment. You should be proud of it!
This recognition can be used to:
• highlight your Yocto Project expertise on your resume and employment applications;
• promote your business;
• add another layer to your expertise when submitting abstracts to CFPs opportunities;

Yocto Project Ambassador Criteria

A Yocto Project Ambassador will actively promote, create and deliver assets that drive technical audiences to adopt the Yocto Project. Nominations cannot be made based on future activity. Nominees should be active in any or all of the following categories:

Education and Teaching
1. Trains developers to use the Yocto Project, from junior colleagues to audiences of thousands via event speaking sessions.
2. Teaches Yocto Project workshops/labs/hands-on seminars, either as part of the advocacy outreach at the Yocto Project Developer Days and Summits, or as part of technical classes for an employer, or on other official channels.
3. Has the ability to bring across enthusiasm for the topic(s) they are teaching.

Communication and Community Outreach
1. Influences the broader developer community by passing on project knowledge
2. Helps produce content online in the form of articles, video content, presentations, or books.
3. Contributes to social media or other online channels which promote the project.
4. Understands what it takes to motivate technical audiences and translates that understanding into impactful actions that convert developer awareness into project participation.

Initiative and Technical Leadership
1. Participates in the development, code reviews, recipes or layer maintenance
2. Encourages developers to contribute and maintain project components and layers.
3. Proposes new outreach initiatives and has the ability to energize and excite technical audiences
4. Speaks at conferences, organizes events locally/online, runs workshops.
5. Contributes to project components, moderates forums and chats.

Are you interested in becoming an official Yocto Project Ambassador? In a nutshell – become a contributor, spread the word and teach.

Yocto Project Ambassador Recognition
As a token of appreciation for their ambassadorship, ambassadors will receive:
• Entry on the Yocto Project Ambassador Listing page on the Yocto Project website
• An official Yocto Project Ambassador recognition certificate
• Mention/roll call/shout-out at Yocto Project events
• Free invites to conferences Yocto Project workshops/labs/hands-on seminars
• Discounted passes to events Yocto Project is sponsoring (where made available by organizers)
• Yocto Project Ambassador swag

Yocto Project Ambassador Process
Nominations can be made throughout the year and should be submitted to the Yocto Project Advocacy group for review - yocto-advocacy@yoctoproject.org. Nominations should contain: name, company, title, bio, Ambassador criteria achieved and evidence of the achievement.
Awards will be announced twice a year: March 31, October 31.

Josef Holzmayr

Josef (TheYoctoJester) runs the Yocto Project live coding series of videos, speaks at and organizes conferences, yet cares not only about media but especially about people and reaching out. He got in touch with the Yocto Project in 2011, when he received his first conference shirt ever and attended his first ELC-E ever. He attended … Continued

Takayasu Ito

Takayasu is an active Yocto Project advocate in Japan, supporting local communities in Japanese. He is teaching hands-on training programs, and speaking at  technical seminars. He has been engaged in embedded software since 2006 at Lineo Solutions, which ported Linux for the Sharp Zaurus.

Marco Cavallini

Open Source and Linux embedded evangelist since 1999 with the first StrongArm boards. Marco Cavallini is an OpenEmbedded member since 2009 and Yocto Advocate since 2012. He founded KOAN in 1996, an embedded software engineering company based in Italy, specialized in kernel development and training services for Linux embedded systems. He is a C/C++ programmer … Continued

Elizabeth Flanagan

Beth was the release manager for the Yocto Project for several years. She now runs a consultancy based in Ireland, employing several people around the world, and has created an embedded distribution that uses Yocto Project as its upstream. Beth is also a finalist for the Red Hat Women in Open Source award

Rudolf Streif

Rudi is an accomplished trainer and consultant who uses and teaches about Yocto Project in the automotive industry. He published a book about the Yocto Project in 2016. He has been a speaker many times at Yocto Project Developer Day and is a valuable member of the YP community.

Behan Webster

Behan is a very active professional trainer with the Linux Foundation’s Training organization, as well as an embedded Linux consultant. He travels the world every year teaching people about Yocto Project and how to do embedded Linux properly. Behan is also the organizer for E-ALE, a new educational track that teaches courses about Linux at … Continued