This page is full of awesome. The individuals listed below have been chosen for Ambassador status by the Yocto Project® team for their dedicated participation in the project.

We generally add about one Ambassador each month. If you feel that someone you know should be on this list. please let us know by dropping an email to with name, contact info, and why you think they should be an Ambassador.

Diana Thayer

Diana hit the ball completely out of the park with her internship with the Yocto Project through Outreachy, mentored by Libby Cruz. As an intern, Diana mastered the project’s participation tools, interacted well with the community and development team, and accomplished quite a lot.

Elizabeth Flanagan

Beth was the release manager for the Yocto Project for several years. She now runs a consultancy based in Ireland, employing several people around the world, and has created an embedded distribution that uses Yocto Project as its upstream. Beth is also a finalist for the Red Hat Women in Open...

Rudolf Streif

Rudi is an accomplished trainer and consultant who uses and teaches about Yocto Project in the automotive industry. He published a book about the Yocto Project in 2016. He has been a speaker many times at Yocto Project Developer Day and is a valuable member of the YP community.

Behan Webster

Behan is a very active professional trainer with the Linux Foundation’s Training organization, as well as an embedded Linux consultant. He travels the world every year teaching people about Yocto Project and how to do embedded Linux properly. Behan is also the organizer for E-ALE, a new...