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Creating a Yocto/OE-core BSP layer for the Google Coral Dev Board – Yocto Project Summit 2019

By September 26, 2019November 9th, 2023No Comments


This year Google announced the Coral Dev Board which is a low cost development board to quickly prototype on-device ML products. The development board is based on a removable system-on-module (SoM).

The official supported software for the Coral Dev Board is Mendel OS, which is a Debian derivative. This is a fairly common approach, to provide a Debian derivative, making it very easy to get started to prototype on the hardware.

For a production grade setup it is preferable to use Yocto/OE-core and in this presentation Mirza will go through the process of creating meta-coral which is a BSP layer supporting the Google Coral Dev Board.

This layer is heavily based on the available BSP components that are offered in Mendel OS. Mirza will also cover current status of meta-coral as in what works and what does not, and possible future development where he is looking for collaborators.

There will also be a live demonstrating successfully booting an Yocto/OE-core image on the Google Coral Dev Board.

Speaker: Mirza Krak, Northern Tech

Mirza Krak is an Embedded Linux Solutions Architect with seven years of experience in the field and is currently with the open source project. Mirza was a Mender community member for a couple of years which led to him joining the Mender project full-time in 2018.

He is involved in various other open source projects and is a Linux kernel contributor.

Mirza’s expertise is within Board Support Package development which ranges from hardware bringup, bootloaders, Linux kernel and build systems (Yocto/OE-core). Mirza has spoken at various conferences including Embedded Linux Conference (US & EU), NDC Techtown, and other technology conferences.