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Building Container Images with the Yocto Project – Yocto Project Summit 2019

By September 26, 2019November 9th, 2023No Comments


This paper will present how the Yocto Project can be used to create container images for use with container runtimes such as Docker. A brief introduction to container image formats will lead into more in-depth discussions about building container images. The Yocto Project build approach will be compared to popular tools currently in use to create containers images such as Dockerfiles, Cloud Build, and BuildKit. Topics might include licensing, ease of use, reproducible and build time. Based on these topics we will explore how the Yocto Project might be modified to improve the building of container images.

Speaker: Mark Asselstine, Software Architect, Wind River

Mark is a long-time Yocto Project contributor who has worked with embedded Linux for over 12 years. In his role as a software architect at Wind River, Mark works with customers on real world usecases for virtualization and containerization. This work has lead him to be a frequent contributor to the meta-virtualization and meta-cloud-services layers. He is also a member of the steering committee for the OverC project, a containerized Linux OS framework written as a Yocto Project layer.