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Binary Package Feeds for Yocto Project – Yocto Project Summit 2019

By September 25, 2019November 9th, 2023No Comments


As storage size and processing power is increasing on the low end of embedded devices, using full distributions on embedded and IoT devices is becoming more pervasive. The ease of use, larger user communities, and ability to easily add precompiled packages could cause current users to drop Yocto in favor of one of the full size distributions. By providing a binary package feed, Yocto can reduce exposure to losing users to this. This will also have other benefits for Yocto users, such as enabling faster developer use of packages and reduce the amount of rebuilds.

This task is very much a work in progress. Jon Mason will go into the background of the dilemma, the work currently being done to implement this in Yocto, the design decisions and trade-offs, and future work.

Speaker: Jon Mason, Arm

Jon Mason is a Software Engineer with nearly 20 years experience in the industry. Jon joined Arm in October 2018 with his sole purpose being to make all Arm aspects of Yocto/OE as awesome as possible. Most recently, he was employed at Broadcom performing a variety of tasks including Linux kernel bring-up on new Arm SoCs, enabling hardware in u-boot, and porting Zephyr to a new Arm Cortex-A based SoC. Much of this development was done in the Yocto environment, which provided Jon a good background for his current role.

Outside of work, Jon maintains NTB and a few other drivers in Linux.