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YP Compatible Layers Table Style Example

LayerBranchesDescriptionSource Code
meta-agl-coremaster, kirkstoneThis is the core layer with essential recipes and the distro.Jan-Simon Möller
meta-armmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldGeneral layer for Arm recipesJon Mason and Ross Burton
meta-arm-bspmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldBSP layer for Arm reference and virtual platformsJon Mason and Ross Burton
meta-arm-toolchainmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldThis layer adds support for building with Arm GCC and Arm GCC binary toolchains.Jon Mason
meta-awsmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldThe standard layer for Amazon Web Services off-cloud software.Richard Elberger
meta-clangmaster, nanbieldClang/llvm alternative to gcc for C/C++ cross compilerKhem Raj
meta-exeinmaster, nanbieldPulsar supportGianluigi Spagnuolo
meta-filesystemsmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldTools for providing and working with additional filesystems.Martin Jansa
meta-gem5kirkstoneRecipe and machine for the gem5 simulator system.Jon Mason and Ross Burton
meta-gnomemaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldGNOME UI supportMartin Jansa and Koen Kooi
meta-gplv2dunfell, kirkstoneRecipes corresponding to old, obsolete versions of software that are GPLv2 licensed where the upstream have moved to GPLv3 licenses.Ross Burton
meta-initramfsmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldinitramfs toolsAndrea Adami and Paul Eggleton
meta-intelmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldOfficial layer for Intel platform/board support.Anuj Mittal
meta-mingwmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldOpenEmbedded meta layer for mingw based SDKsRichard Purdie
meta-multimediamaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldMultimedia-related softwareKoen Kooi
meta-netbootmaster, kirkstoneThis layer contains some recipes and configuration adjustments to allow network boot through NBD (network boot device).Jan-Simon Möller
meta-networkingmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldNetwork-related softwareJoe MacDonald
meta-oemaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldAdditional shared OE metadataKhem Raj
meta-perlmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldAdditional Perl recipes beyond those provided in OE-CoreHongxu Jia
meta-pipewiremaster, kirkstoneThis layer holds the sound manager 'pipewire' and session manager 'wireplumber'Jan-Simon Möller
meta-pokymaster, dunfell, kirkstonePoky reference distribution for the Yocto ProjectRichard Purdie
meta-pythonmaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldRecipes for packaging Python modulesTim "moto-timo" Orling and Derek Straka
meta-python-mixindunfell"Mixin" layer on top of meta-python for additional modules, versions or various other backported functionality.Andrei Gherzan, Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin and Stefan Schmidt
meta-raspberrypikirkstoneRaspberry Pi board supportAndrei Gherzan
meta-ti-bspmaster, kirkstoneThe official OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for Texas Instruments platforms.Ryan Eatmon and Denys Dmytriyenko
meta-ti-extrasmaster, kirkstoneLayer with extra components to extend Texas Instruments BSP layerRyan Eatmon and Denys Dmytriyenko
meta-virtualizationmaster, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldHypervisor, virtualization tool stack, and cloud supportBruce Ashfield
meta-webservermaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldWeb server related softwareDerek Straka
meta-xfcemaster, dunfell, kirkstone, mickledore, nanbieldXFCE UI supportAndreas Müller
meta-yocto-bspmaster, dunfell, kirkstoneBSP layer for Yocto Project reference hardwareRichard Purdie