Toaster landing page

Toaster is a web interface to OpenEmbedded and BitBake, the build system used by the Yocto Project®. Toaster allows you configure and run your builds, and provides information and statistics about the build process.

Read more about Toaster in the official manual

This is what you can do with Toaster.

Configure and run builds

  • Browse and build any layers published in the OpenEmbedded Metadata Index
  • Import your own layers for building
  • Add and remove layers from your configuration
  • Set configuration variables
  • Select a target or multiple targets to build
  • Start your builds

The video below explains some of the building features of Toaster.

View information and statistics about the build process

  • See what was built (recipes and packages) and what packages were installed into your final image
  • Browse the directory structure of your image
  • See the value of all variables in your build configuration, and which files set each value
  • Examine error, warning and trace messages to aid in debugging
  • See information about the BitBake tasks executed and reused during your build, including those that used shared state
  • See dependency relationships between recipes, packages and tasks
  • See performance information such as build time, task time, CPU usage, and disk I/O

For more information about how to set up and use Toaster, check the Toaster manual