Devtool hands-on Seminar – Yocto Project Summit 2019

This is a lab session that will walk you through several exercises using Devtool. Speakers: Tim Orling, Sr. Linux Software Engineer, Intel Corporation Tim Orling is a software engineer at the Intel Open Source Technology Center. Tim joined Intel in early 2016 after many years as a volunteer developer for OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project. … Continued

sstate-cache magic! – Yocto Project Summit 2019

Abstract: From-scratch builds, even using server grade machines (with 40+ cores) will take just under an hour to complete. Additionally this estimate is just for minimal, stripped down images;  Bigger images that bring up more than just core functionality and support things like web browsers/multimedia would take much longer (on the order of several hours). … Continued

Working with NVIDIA Tegra BSP and Supporting Latest CUDA Versions – Yocto Project Summit 2019

Abstract: The usage of Tegra, the CUDA-enabled system on a chip (SoC) series developed by NVIDIA, is increasing in embedded Linux devices for various industries requiring deep learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Often the Ubuntu-derived image provided by NVIDIA L4T and JetPack SDK isn’t flexible enough. Reliable high-quality industrial devices require a custom embedded Linux … Continued

Strenghten your Yocto deployments with Autobuilder2 CI tool – Yocto Project Summit 2019

Abstract: The Yocto Project is using Buildbot for continuous integration services. AutoBuilder is a project that automates build tests and Quality Assurance (QA) upon a Buildbot configuration for the Yocto Project through metadata. Buildbot is a software development continuous integration tool which automates the compile or test cycle required to validate changes to the project … Continued

Building Container Images with the Yocto Project – Yocto Project Summit 2019

Abstract: This paper will present how the Yocto Project can be used to create container images for use with container runtimes such as Docker. A brief introduction to container image formats will lead into more in-depth discussions about building container images. The Yocto Project build approach will be compared to popular tools currently in use … Continued

Binary Package Feeds for Yocto Project – Yocto Project Summit 2019

Abstract As storage size and processing power is increasing on the low end of embedded devices, using full distributions on embedded and IoT devices is becoming more pervasive. The ease of use, larger user communities, and ability to easily add precompiled packages could cause current users to drop Yocto in favor of one of the … Continued

Transitioning from long term stable to CI/CD – Yocto Project Summit 2019

Abstract: Using the Yocto Project master branch for a CI/CD (DevOps) approach has it’s challenges.  I will discuss moving from a stable release and uplift strategy to a continuous integration, continuous development and continuous delivery model using Yocto Project, OpenEmbedded and related community layers.  I will include information on my experiences and the challenges as … Continued