• Corks? Or screw tops? Why the experience counts

    I've noticed a disturbing trend amongst a few of the high quality wineries in my state. They have abandoned the cork to close their high-end wine bottles and turned to screw caps.

    This is good news to people who struggle with how to get a cork out of a wine bottle. And wine snobs will point to the countless studies which show that metal tops eliminates the possibility that the cork has gone bad and spoiled the wine.

  • Baryon - NAS Software Created with the Yocto Project

    In October, following the release of the 1.1 (Edison) version, Yocto Project engineers embarked on a challenging project: to create a new embedded product using the Yocto Project tools in three weeks. The result is a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device called Baryon, based on the Intel Black Sand (Intel Atom N450) single-board computer. This layer turns a Black Sand into a fully-functional NAS.

  • The Yocto Project at the 2011 Embedded Linux Conference - Europe

    Much has been written about how the Internet has revolutionized collaboration and made it possible for your brilliant ideas to make a difference no matter where you live on the planet. Bill Gates is famously quoted in Nick Kristoff's "The World is Flat" that "... so many people can plug and play from anywhere, natural talent has started to trump geography." This is of course true, but even with the Internet, there is no replacement for face-to-face interaction.

  • Meet Edison: The Yocto Project v1.1 release

    Back in my college days, I sang in the University Chorus, one of those big choirs who sang a variety of pieces, mostly classical and rarely a more contemporary song. One time we had a young music director who was rehearsing us on a newer piece with just a piano player. When we had most of the vocal parts worked out, he announced that at the next rehearsal, the piano would be joined by guitars and percussion. "Then," he said to us with a twinkle in his eye, "the piece will really begin to cook."

  • Cooking on Gas

    For the last 18 months or so I've been working full-time on the Yocto Project, where I've touched various parts of the system. I'm really proud of what our team has achieved - we have an amazing tool that people want to use! Despite that, there are still some common tasks that users can't achieve as easily as we'd like...

  • The Proxy Problem

    The Yocto Project's developers have been working hard to improve the usability of our software, especially its "out of the box" user experience. One area that has admittedly been a thorn in our side is when users need to access the internet via a network proxy server*. I thought I'd take a few moments to explain the situation, why we don't have a "silver bullet" solution yet, and how to work around it.

  • Real-Time, Real-Fast, and Real-Small

    Wrapping up things for the upcoming Yocto 1.1 release tends to keep us all heads down hammering away. Let me take a momemnt to share what I've beeing working on. We are fortunate to have a base kernel version alignment between Yocto and the PREEMPT_RT tree. Yocto 1.1 will include a refreshed real-time kernel and I have expanded real-time support to all the meta-intel BSPs as well as several of those from oe-core and meta-yocto.

  • Yocto 1.1 - the Beta Test

    We finished up all of our expected feature development on the Yocto Project version 1.1, due out in October. After some stabilization and bug fixing, we're encouraging everyone to try out our bits. Would you check it out? You just need a Linux system (a recent release of Fedora or Ubuntu works best) and the necessary workarounds for git and http to work with any network proxy you might have. (Instructions for this are below).