Wind River Systems

Wind River uses the Yocto Project to stay ahead of the ever-moving, high-speed open source train and keep its customers updated on the latest developments, as soon as they become available.

As a result of being compatible with the Yocto Project environment, the Wind River BSP team can take on a broader spectrum of architectures, freeing more bandwidth for multiple strategic initiatives. Through broader adoption of Yocto Project compatible framework, Wind River helps Linux customers realize better cross-platform compatibility and component interoperability, and that enables higher reusability and reduces risk and cost of change.

The interoperability that Yocto Project provides is a very powerful concept. Not only does it allow application portability and ease of integration, but it also enables increased ease of use with the layered architecture that allows developers to simply swap out a BSP for another one and easily build the same platform on different hardware. This alleviates the obstacles of hardware porting for customers.

Wind River’s contributions to the Yocto Project:

  • Wind River holds seven out of 33 maintainer and technical lead positions.
  • Wind River is a Gold member of the Yocto Project and an active member of the Advisory
  • Wind River has contributed over 5,600 total commits including more than 89,000 lines
    of code.
  • Wind River has dedicated five full-time employees and additional engineers working part-
    time on the Yocto Project, collectively investing almost 240 months over the past five years.
  • Wind River released the first Yocto Project Compatible Carrier Grade registered product.
  • Wind River demonstrated one of the first examples of a GENIVI®- and Yocto Project–based
    in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform.

Built on a foundation based on compatibility with the Yocto Project framework, Wind River Linux is a market-leading commercial-grade embedded Linux platform, delivering product quality and usability, predictable certified support practices, best-in-class long-term maintenance, and a rich ecosystem of leading processor, hardware systems, and ISV providers. Thanks to the Yocto Project, Wind River Linux goes well beyond the barriers of interoperability.

The Yocto Project brings rapid open source innovation and allows developers to implement highly interoperable Linux projects for a variety of platforms. Wind River Linux enables customers to capitalize on these developments, adding the reliable global support and long-term maintenance that comes from a leading commercial-grade embedded Linux platform.
– Dinyar Dastoor, VP Product Management, Wind River Systems