Commercial embedded software development often has competing needs for higher flexibility with source control along with timely, cost-effective and stable releases. Using Yocto Project, MontaVista® Linux, offers an ideal platform for developers who want to leverage the flexibility of a true open source development platform, as well as the ability to achieve rapid time to market.

MontaVista has been a forerunner and believer in bitbake and the OpenEmbedded embedded development paradigm. MontaVista took this to the next level by making our Carrier Grade Edition (CGE7) fully Yocto Project 1.4 compatible at its launch. This allows MontaVista customers to take full advantage of the existing Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded ecosystem with its support for added feature layers and hardware support. Our next generation products will continue to align even more closure to this globally accepted standard. MontaVista as a Yocto Project participant member will continue to contribute to this open source collaboration for standardization.

Yocto Project Benefits:

  • standardize distribution building blocks like templates, tools and methods across multiple architectures
  • promote industry wide collaboration
  • optimize effort by aggregating and pre-testing
  • extend engagement across multiple open source communities

MontaVista and Yocto Project:

  • member of advisory board with code contributions
  • contributions to Yocto Project layers like meta-openembedded, openembedded-core, meta-selinux, metasecurity & meta-cgl among others
  • adopted the Yocto Project as an integral part of our embedded linux distribution (products)
  • adding value through commercialization and support
  • training and maintenance offerings

Yocto Project integration with MontaVista allows customers to fully customize their distribution using a familiar interface with easy access to source code, patches, and recipes on how to build binaries, while at the same time providing MontaVista binaries for those customers who don’t have a need for customization. MontaVista compliments the distribution with custom developed features, leading-edge development tools, technical support, and access to our world-class engineering service.