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Companies that are commercially dependent on Yocto Project participate in membership to collaborate together upstream.

Resources generated by membership dues allow for additional fellows and infrastructure to sustain, secure, and innovate Yocto Project for decades to come.

Why Organizations Join Yocto Project

#1 Linux build platform used by dozens of industries

The de facto industry standard “tool kit”

The de facto industry standard “tool kit” for building custom embedded Linux operating systems

The #1 platform to validate new SoC designs

(all architectures) and build BSPsSBOMs and Reproducible Builds

Preferred platform for a variety of industry initiatives

AGL, RDK Set Top Boxes, TVs, Commercial Switches, Routers, Security Products, Embedded Devices, Medical Devices, and much more

Maintained by a highly skilled, small team

We are always looking for contributors and members.


Yocto Project Job Board ListsYesYesYesYes
TSC2 nominations, 2 votes1 nomination, 1 voteNoNo
Governing Board RepresentitiveOne appointee with 2 votesOne appointee with 1 voteOne elected rep with one vote for
Silver Membership as a class
Git Repo PlacementPriority ListingNoNoNo
Nightly BuildsYes (multiple configurations)Yes (single configuration)NoNo
Booth/Ad LogoYesYesNoNo
Advocacy CommitteeOne appointee with 2 votesOne appointee with 1 voteObservation rightsNone
Compatibility BadgePlatinum CompatibleGold CompatibleSilver CompatibleNone
Reference Platform InfluenceInfluenceNoNoNo
Layer TestingLayers tested before changes merge (advance warning of issues)Layers tested after changes mergeNoNo
Annual Fee**$100,000$45,000Priced by employee headcount***

$20,000 (USD) 5,000+
$10,000 (USD) 100 – 4,999
$5,000 (USD) 0 – 99

*Associate Membership is free for pre-approved open source projects, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, or government research institutions.

** Linux Foundation membership is a prerequisite — fees listed here are separate from LF member dues.

*** Solely for purposes of calculating fees, Consolidated Employees include all employees of Related Companies (as defined in the Charter), which include any direct and indirect parent companies, and all sister and subsidiary entities. Employees do not include third party contractors.

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