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PR: Exein, 4Y LTS, YPDD 2023

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Yocto Project Welcomes Exein as a Platinum Member, Announces Extended LTS Release Plan and One-Day Technical Summit

Yocto Project Invests in the Long Term, Continues Growth and Commits to Security with new Platinum Member.

SAN FRANCISCO – June 26, 2023 – The Yocto Project, an open source collaborative initiative helping developers create custom Linux-based systems, has evolved significantly over the last 12 years to meet the requirements of its community. The project continues to lead in build system technology with field advances in build reproducibility, software license management, SBOM compliance and binary artifact reuse. In an effort to support the community, The Yocto Project announced the first Long Term Support (LTS) release in October 2020. Today, we are delighted to announce that we are expanding the LTS release and extending the lifecycle from 2 to 4 years as standard.

The continued growth of the Yocto Project coincides with the welcomed addition of Exein as a Platinum Member, joining AMD/Xilinx, Arm, AWS, BMW Group, Cisco, Comcast, Intel, Meta and WindRiver. As a Member, Exein brings its embedded security expertise across billions of devices to the core of the Yocto Project. 

“Long Term Support (LTS) is one of our most asked about features, it is great the project is now able to commit to 4 years as standard for all our LTS releases,” said Richard Purdie, Yocto Project Lead Architect and Linux Foundation Fellow. “New members like Exein bring both specialist knowledge and funding, enabling us to do this and more. Exein’s involvement will truly bolster the security capabilities of the Yocto Project. The ability to offer enhanced embedded security is a major advancement in our pursuit of safer, more resilient systems.”

“The Yocto Project has been at the forefront of OS technologies for over a decade,” said Andrew Wafaa, Yocto Project Chairperson. “The adaptability and variety of the tooling provided are clearly making a difference to the community, we are delighted to welcome Exein as a member as their knowledge and experience in providing secure Yocto Project based builds to customers will enable us to adapt to the modern landscape being set by the US Digital Strategy and the EU Cyber Resilience Act” 

“We’re extremely excited to become a Platinum Partner of the Yocto Project,” said Gianni Cuozzo, founder and CEO of Exein. “The Yocto Project is the most important project in the embedded Linux space, powering billions of devices every year. We take great pride in contributing our extensive knowledge and expertise in embedded security to foster a future that is both enhanced and secure for Yocto-powered devices. We are dedicated to supporting the growth of the Yocto Project as a whole, aiming to improve its support for modern languages like Rust, and assist developers and OEMs in aligning with the goals outlined in the EU Cyber Resilience Act.” 

The Yocto Project is also excited to be hosting Yocto Project Dev Day on June 26 alongside the Embedded Open Source Summit in Prague, Czech Republic. Back for the first time since 2019, Yocto Project Dev Day brings together developers from across the Yocto ecosystem to participate in a variety of community sessions, presentations, and tutorials. For more information about the Yocto Project, visit


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