The Yocto Project® technical leadership and governance principle is based on meritocracy, which is very similar to how the Linux kernel and many other Open Source projects work. Consequently, sub-system maintainers, software layer and BSP maintainers, and other technical leaders are selected based on the quality and quantity of their contribution to the Yocto Project in relevant areas.

In general, contributors submit patches to the maintainers of repositories, the overall process of which is managed by the project architect.

The project architect is responsible for all decisions and actions, and also functions as a default maintainer for those subsystems and layers who do not have a current maintainer. A tree of maintainers works underneath the architect – these maintainers handle the details of many of the bugs, patches, and ideas that come up.


Richard Purdie


For up-to-date information on maintainers for individual layers and the LTS, visit the source code repository, click a layer, click “tree”, and then read the README or MAINTAINERS file for that layer.