The Yocto Project is an open source project, led by maintainers and coordinated by the Yocto Project Governance Board. The governance model is based on the principles, best practices, and values of Open Source culture, and pursues the goals set out in the Yocto Project Charter. The Yocto Project functions as a project of the Linux Foundation.


Because the Yocto Project requires no admission processes, contracts, or membership fees, any individual or organization can use and contribute to the project. The only real requirement is your desire to join and contribute to its success. We welcome all contributions that lead to the success of the project – including software development, documentation, testing, and advocacy.

Individuals and small organizations (under 50 employees) who are visibly participating in the project through contributions or participation on the mailing list or IRC channel can apply to be recognized as Yocto Project Participants. This status provides a badge suitable for print or online display as well as recognition on the website.


Organizations who wish to participate at a significant level can join the project as members. Member organizations participate in the project’s governance through the Yocto Project Governance Board.


The project also provides a cooperative branding program. Member organizations use this program to register products, board support packages (BSPs), or software layers as Yocto Project Compatible. Board Support Package (BSP) layers in this program have passed a validation script available in the latest release. Read the Branding Program page for more information.