As an open source project, the leadership focus for the Yocto Project® is on its technical leaders. However, even with the best technical leadership, bills must still be paid and many other administrative details must be attended to. In addition, those organizations who contribute to the project, both financially and with other resources, need a place to come together to collaborate and advise on project direction. For those reasons, the Yocto Project hosts an Advisory Board made up of its corporate sponsors. This board also provides a set of working groups who perform many of the services needed to keep the project running.

The list of current working groups and their main contact within the Administrative Leadership team is as follows:

  • Advisory board chair : Lieu Ta
  • Infrastructure : Michael Halstead
  • Advocacy & Outreach : Andreea Volosincu
  • Finance : Lieu Ta
  • Community Management : Nicolas Dechesne

The Yocto Project Advisory Board is open to Linux Foundation corporate members. Meeting minutes are posted publicly on the Yocto Project wiki. Platinum members have two votes on any Advisory Board issues that require a vote. Gold members have one vote, and Silver members share a single vote among the group. Bronze Associate Members are non-voting.