[yocto] QA cycle report for 2.5.3 RC3

richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org
Thu Apr 25 02:55:32 PDT 2019

On Wed, 2019-04-24 at 06:28 +0000, Jain, Sangeeta wrote:
> That looks great to me. 
> As a further improvement for sharing of test results, I am working to
> create a wiki page for consolidated 
> test results. For 2.5.3, it can be viewed at:
> https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW16_-_2019-04-18_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.5.3_RC3

The reasons for a wiki page are historical, mainly from the testopia
plugin to the wiki. I think going forward we should focus on having a
test report included in the release artefacts and that we shouldn't
need the wiki page.

> After you have added more results on AB, I will change some existing
> links on this web page with the new ones.
> Another thought I have is that since for any release, all data will
> be removed from public AB after few days of release,
> Should I include here a  link to "yocto-testresults" git repo? It
> will make this wiki page more useful for reference in future as well.

Release data is moved from the autobuilder to the main public release
location, e.g.:


So if we put a test report as a release artefact, it moves with the
rest of the release artefacts and we're all good!

This avoids the need for any links as all the data is in one place.



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