[yocto] question regarding share state cache and task dependencies.

Koehler, Yannick yannick.koehler at hpe.com
Mon Jun 26 09:16:10 PDT 2017

I was wondering, reading about the shared state cache system, why are the task / recipe dependencies being honored when executing a setscene task?  Since there is a "sanity" check that no two package write to the same output files, then could we just run the setscene task without honoring the dependencies and get all the files in place at maximum speed ?  Right now, the system seems to install each package dependencies in the same order it was built, but since this is pre-built, I failed to see why the order mater anymore, given the sanity check above.  The dependency should be used to determine what setscene to execute, but then they should just pump out as fast as possible in any given order.

Yannick Koehler

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