[yocto] Python 3 internal package dependencies

Anders Darander anders at chargestorm.se
Mon Jun 12 00:27:02 PDT 2017

* Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com> [170608 13:04]:

> On 06/08/2017 11:50 AM, Burton, Ross wrote:

> >     Is it worth trying to improve the internal package RDEPENDS in the
> >     Python 3 recipe, or is it better for recipes for Python apps to just
> >     manually list all the sub-dependencies as needed?

> > Definitely worth improving the internal dependencies, they're generated
> > by the scripts in oe-core/scripts/contrib/python.

> I'll bite: should we just drop the the splitting of Python modules into
> their own packages? In 2017, this is more trouble than it's worth, IMO.


If necessary, I'll prefer to add each and every module by hand, that I
need... That's a lot better than forcing everyone to have the complete
standard library installed.

Not everyone wants / can afford huge rootfs', but might still prefer /
require a few smaller python applications.

You'd be welcome to suggest that people try to install the complete
pyhton(3)-modules package, as that makes it easier for everyone with
large eMMC's and SD-cards, though.


Anders Darander, Senior System Architect
ChargeStorm AB / eStorm AB

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