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I want to split the package that belongs to host and target in one recipes. 
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On Tue, 29 Nov 2016 11:47:40 윤영석 wrote:
> After poky the build, i look at the tmp/work folder.
> I can see these folders.
> All-poky-linux / i586-poky-linux / qemux86-poky-linux / x86_64-linux /
> What is the classification of each folder?

That directory level corresponds to MULTIMACH_TARGET_SYS, whose value is
"${PACKAGE_ARCH}${TARGET_VENDOR}-${TARGET_OS}". The first variable
PACKAGE_ARCH has a default value of "${TUNE_PKGARCH}" which makes a recipe
architecture-specific by default. PACKAGE_ARCH is often set in the recipe
in two common cases:

1) Recipes which are packaging something that is not architecture-specific -
these should "inherit allarch" which will automatically set
PACKAGE_ARCH = "all". Note that in this situation you should use
"inherit allarch" rather than setting PACKAGE_ARCH yourself since that is
not the only thing that the allarch class takes care of.

2) Recipes which are packaging something that is machine-specific - these
should set PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}".

Additionally, recipes that are building for the build host rather than the
target machine (*-native) or for the SDK (nativesdk-*) get different values
for  MULTIMACH_TARGET_SYS as well, but this is accomplished by inheriting
the native or nativesdk classes or using BBCLASSEXTEND to create a variant
of the recipe for one or both.

> What options should I set in recipes?

Can you be more precise about what you want to do?



Paul Eggleton
Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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