[Yocto-builds] LIbSuitesparse support

Georgescu, Alexandru C alexandru.c.georgescu at intel.com
Thu May 7 04:42:55 PDT 2015

Hi David,
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Alexandru Georgescu
Yocto QA Engineer
SSG/SSD Open Source Technology Center Romania

From: david bensoussan <minipada at gmail.com<mailto:minipada at gmail.com>>
Date: Wednesday 6 May 2015 17:53
To: "yocto-builds at yoctoproject.org<mailto:yocto-builds at yoctoproject.org>" <yocto-builds at yoctoproject.org<mailto:yocto-builds at yoctoproject.org>>
Subject: [Yocto-builds] LIbSuitesparse support


I am working on a poky distribution, using a RPi. Everything has been built well with the packages. I now see that I need the libsuitesparse (for ROS and especially the nav2d package). I don't know how to start to make it work.

Thank you,

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