[meta-virtualization] Building xen-image-minimal with master

M. Gregory mbgrego at tycho.nsa.gov
Tue Dec 15 08:36:42 PST 2015

I am new to Yocto/Openembedded. I have successful built the
xen-minimal-image and several variations using the fido branches of
meta-virtualization and the required meta-layers. I have several patches
I would like to submit to enable XSM to function correctly, so I moved
to the master branches of  meta-virtualization and the required
meta-layers. It seems that GCC 5.2 the default compiler for Yocto 2.0,
is incompatible with the current versions of Seabios and Xen.
Additionally, when I attempt to set my GCCVERSION = "4.9%", glibc seems
to still want to use GCC 5.2 and compilation errors occur.

I am using a clean Yocto install with upstream meta-openembedded and
meta-virtualization. I have altered my local.conf to include
DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " xen" and MACHINE="genericx86-64". Is
configuration incorrect?

If my configuration is correct is the correct course of action to patch
the offending files or move to a more recent version of Xen and Seabio?
Both have been patched to fix the incompatibilities with GCC 5.2?

Thanks for your time,

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