[meta-ti] [oe] ti81xx-psp-linux-2.6.37: broken kernel with gcc > 4.5

Koen Kooi koen at dominion.thruhere.net
Fri May 18 05:55:56 PDT 2012

Op 18 mei 2012, om 14:53 heeft Thilo Fromm het volgende geschreven:

> Hello Koen,
>>> sorry for the cross-post (openembedded-devel, meta-ti), I think this
>>> affects both projects one way or the other.
>>> Recently, meta-openembedded/toolchain-layer removed gcc-4.5. This means
>>> with oe-core + meta-oe you now can choose between gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7.
>>> However, both compilers break the kernel we're using
>>> (ti81xx-psp-linux-2.6.37).
>> What happens when you disable the mailbox? AIUI you shouldn't need that on
>> Ne/Ce.
> How do I disable the mailbox?

In the .config

> What do you mean by Ne/Ce?

Netra/Centaurus, dm81xx, c6a81xx, am38xx, am39xx or whatever TI is calling it nowadays.

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