[meta-freescale] custom image_types bbclass approach and errors

Bryan Fishell bryan.fishell at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:50:04 PST 2018

I am relatively new to Yocto, but have a need to create a custom
image_types_x.bbclass extending the image_types_fsl.bbclass that simply
adds two ext4 partitions of size PARTITION_SIZE to the end of an .sdcard

The approach I took - created an entirely new image_types_mycustom.bbclass
based on the image_types_fsl.bbclass, and overrode the creation of the
.sdcard file into a file called .mysdcard.

Note that I still have sdcard in IMAGE_FSTYPES. I thought this wouldn't
pose a problem, but I keep getting errors when a dependent step (creation
of an .ext4 image prior to the .mysdcard task) was getting skipped, but the
do_image_mysdcard task did not reuse the (valid and already existing) .ext4
image, indicating that my parallel bbclass could not find the file with a
slightly different timestamp than the first (note that I added a # to my
bbclass to invalidate the basehash).

1. For my approach, is there something I could do to force my bbclass to
not re-evaluate the DATETIME if bitbake was smart enough to know that the
do_image_ext4 task can be reused? (i.e. how do I pass the older, but valid
DATETIME from the pre-existing  .ext4 image so my custom image can be
generated successfully?)

2. I assume I could work around this by simply extending the existing
image_types_fsl.bbclass function generate_imx_sdcard to resize the .sdcard
file and generate the partitions, is that right?

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