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Chris Tapp opensource at keylevel.com
Fri Apr 28 02:52:42 PDT 2017

Hi Vincent,

I saw something similar to this a while back with Fido when using the Intel video driver (Thread “"Crazy" Xorg memory usage after upgrading from Daisy to Fido”).

My app would often get killed due to lack of memory, but it sometimes ran long enough that a load of memory was released back to the pool and the app would then run as long as I left it running.

My fix was:

The undesirable memory usage within Xorg isn’t there if I create an xorg.conf file containing:

Section “Device”
 Identifier “Intel Video”
 Driver “intel”
 Option “TearFree” “true"

So it looks as if I need to enable “TearFree”. I didn’t need to add this for the 2.99.910 version of xf86-video-intel included with ‘daisy’.

This probably won’t work for you, but it may be worth a try.


> On 28 Apr 2017, at 10:21, Vincent DEHORS <vincent.dehors at smile.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I use a dora branch (as constructor only provides a 3.0.35 kernel) and when I launch any graphical application using libGLES2 (with X11), the memory increase continuously until there is no memory left (and oom-killer kill the app).
> I can see the leak with a minimalist Qt5/qml application with an animation or with a Gstreamer pipeline using eglvivsink.
> Is there any known issue with graphic application in old BSP for i.MX6 ?
> If the leak is located in the proprietary libGL, is there a way to use a more recent one without upgrading the kernel version ?
> Regards,
> Vincent
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