[meta-freescale] [meta-fsl-arm] Memory leak in graphic application (dora)

Vincent DEHORS vincent.dehors at smile.fr
Fri Apr 28 02:21:59 PDT 2017



I use a dora branch (as constructor only provides a 3.0.35
kernel) and when I launch any graphical application using libGLES2 (with
X11), the memory increase continuously until there is no memory left
(and oom-killer kill the app). 

I can see the leak with a minimalist
Qt5/qml application with an animation or with a Gstreamer pipeline using

Is there any known issue with graphic application in old
BSP for i.MX6 ? 

If the leak is located in the proprietary libGL, is
there a way to use a more recent one without upgrading the kernel
version ? 


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