[meta-freescale] meta-fsl-* breakage on the Yocto autobuilder

Burton, Ross ross.burton at intel.com
Tue Jan 5 09:23:48 PST 2016


meta-fsl-ppc is still breaking the Yocto autobuilder, see for example the
errors from my latest build last night:


There's two problems caused by meta-fsl-ppc right now:

1) Four fetch failures caused by doing a world fetch on qemux86 with
meta-fsl-ppc present.  I filed this as #8802 on December 14th.
2) The openssl 1.0.1i recipe in meta-fsl-ppc fails to compile on all
meta-fsl-ppc machines that are built on the autobuilder.  This has been
filed at #8872.

We would greatly appreciate these being fixed as they're currently causing
several of the buildsets to always fail on the autobuilder.

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