[meta-freescale] Qt5.4 - QtWebKit and QtQuickControl

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Mon Mar 2 04:47:23 PST 2015

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 4:57 AM, eien sakebe <eien.ni.sakebe at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been trying to build Qt5.4 from master branch last week and
> - QtWebkit fails with ERROR : Internal compiler ERROR => i removed it from
> my build (i was in the obligation to remove quiquick1 also)
> - QtQuickControl and its qmlplugin were never built even after adding
> PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtquickcontrols = " accessibility" and
> PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtbase = " accessibility" in my local.conf
> That said the master built perfectly, the cross toochain also it's just that
> i really need QtQuickControl.
> I really need Qt 5.4+ cross compilled, and due to the large time it needs to
> build id like to have some advices please :
> - Anyone knows the status of Qt 5.4 in master branch ( Wandboard woki said
> qtquickcontrols-qmlplugins fails in master branch).
> - Is there any known Qt5.4 build status about master-next ?
> - Is there any other ways to build Qt 5.4 ?

We use Qt in several customers' projects with great results.

We have customers using 5.3.2 (dizzy branch) and 5.4.0 (master
branch). I am personally using 5.4.1 (master-next branch) to help
Martin with the validation for the merge (likely today).

We use QML and QuickControls in some of those projects so we know it
does work (they are in our internal autobuilder for those customers)
so it is likely a configuration issue at your side.

Try setting:

PACKAGECONFIG_DISTRO_append_pn-qtbase = " accessibility"

In your local.conf.

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