[meta-freescale] Updates to meta-fsl-arm (master) in 2015-06-15

Otavio Salvador otavio.salvador at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 08:14:29 PDT 2015


I pushed following updates:

commit 928e817c442b0771f89317289046f51c07460b0f (HEAD -> pending, yocto/master-next, yocto/master)
Author: Gary Thomas <gary at mlbassoc.com>
Date:   Mon Jun 15 08:41:33 2015 -0600

    image_types_fsl: Fix boot.img overwrite error
    Recent updates to the MSDOS tools (OE-core is now at 3.0.28) have made
    it an error to overwrite an image using mkfs.vfat:
      mkfs.vfat: file XXXX/tmp/work/nitrogen6x-poky-linux-gnueabi/network-demo-image/1.0-r0/boot.img already exists
      mkfs.fat 3.0.28 (2015-05-16)
      WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.
    This patch fixes the problem by removing any old/stale images before
    trying to create the VFAT file system images.
    Change-Id: I74e02fd512b43315b29698f534192632d7780df2
    Signed-off-by: Gary Thomas <gary at mlbassoc.com>
    Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio at ossystems.com.br>


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