[meta-freescale] New HW to U-boot and Yocto to support it

Keskinarkaus, Teemu Teemu.Keskinarkaus at Maximatecc.com
Mon Aug 17 00:52:51 PDT 2015


We have imx6 based HW and so far I've been using the develboard (sabresd) to simulate it and do software development.

Now I want to make U-boot(kernel and rest is not the problem atm) support that hw directly without modifying the existing hw. I used the mx6sabresd as a based and copied/modified stuff to my hw name. I can execute following command in u-boot src dir: make myhw_defconfig and u-boot it setup.

Then in my machine config in Yocto I've setup following (copied from mx6sabre again):

UBOOT_CONFIG[sd] = "myhw_config,sdcard" (I tried defconfig here, but no change)
UBOOT_CONFIG[mfgtool] = "myhw_config"

This causes following problems:

| In file included from / yocto/build/tmp/work/vit-poky-linux-gnueabi/u-boot-fslc/v2014.10+gitAUTOINC+5fd0b607d0-r0.20/git/include/common.h:18:0:
| include/config.h:6:22: fatal error: configs/.h: No such file or directory
|  #include <configs/.h>

So obviously the config doesn't transfer to U-boot when using Yocto system to compile U-boot. Also autoconf files are missing etc.

Seems that it might be Yocto side problem more than U-boot since there really isn't much on U-boot when adding new board there. Any idea what might be the problem? I'm running out of ideas. Being debugging this issue for few hours already.

I tried to search for how-to documents how to add new hw to u-boot and I've basically done all the steps already so that's why I'm assuming that it might be Yocto side problem.

Teemu Keskinarkaus


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