[meta-freescale] meta-qt5 and WebKit2 examples?

Dmitriy B. rzk333 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 05:31:48 PST 2014

> When I build Qt outside of yocto, the WebKit2 examples are running (eglfs),
> but
> the web content is not displayed (even if I'm pretty sure that the
> QtWebProcess
> is working behind the scene...)

I have exact same problem and already tried many things with various
gles/egl options around Qt & WebKit.

There is no known solution right now, it seems like no one wants to dig
into WebKit sources, and unfortunately, problem lies somewhere there in EGL
platform support. Moreover - in X11 you can see mouse changing cursor on
input fields and links, so WebKit actually works, just the rendering to EGL
is broken.

If you will have any success with this - poke me and I will test on my
Debian i.MX6Q system.

Best Regards,
Dmitriy Beykun
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