The Yocto Project Developer Day is a one day, hands-on training event that puts you in direct contact with Yocto Project technical experts and developers. Held in conjunction with the Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE), its primary aim is to show developers how to create custom-build Linux distributions for embedded devices by using layers and recipes designed to resolve incompatibilities between different configurations.

Our knowledgeable and engaging instructors will help you better understand topics like build system workflow, examining recipes, recipe build steps, working with layers, building applications, poky, Toaster, and devtool. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll have a chance to network and put your new skills to work, too.

Attending the Yocto Project Developer Day will provide you with a strong base of knowledge around the Yocto Project developer tools.

Register now and save. Prices go up after August 18.

Date: Thursday, October 25, 2018
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: EICC – Carrick Suite, Edinburgh, UK

Lunch will be provided in the Atrium Cafe. Additionally, there will be an all day coffee/tea/beverage service.

Registration Cost:
Early Registration: $179 (through August 18, 11:59 pm PST)
Standard Registration: $209 (August 19-September 22, 11:59pm PST)
Late Registration: $249 (September 23 – Event)

Who can benefit:
System/Software Developers
Tech Leads / Development Leads
Software Architects
Chief Engineers
System Engineers
Development Engineers
Embedded Engineers / Programmer
DevOps / System Administrators
Application Engineers
Open Source Technologists

The proposed agenda is listed below.

Introductory Track
– Introduction to the Yocto Project
– Key Concepts
– Build System Workflow
– Examining Recipes
– Standard Recipe Build Steps
– Working with Layers
– Build and Boot your Custom Image
– Working with Applications

Advanced Track
– U-Boot bootloader
– Device Trees
– Image size reduction
– Working with containers, CROPS
– Package Feeds
– Devtool
– Kernel Modules and eSDKs
– User’s Experience
– Rarely Asked Questions (but important to know)

Please also read our Event Code of Conduct.

Any further requirements will be sent by email before the event. If you need more answers or have any trouble, please contact us.

The following schedule shows ELCE presentations related to the Yocto Project.


Lennox 2
Buildroot vs Yocto: Differences for Your Daily Job – Luca Ceresoli

Lennox 2
Embedded Linux on RISC-V Architecture – Status Report – Khem Raj

Lennox 1
Primer: Testing Your Embedded System – What is a ptest, Lava, Fuego, KernelCI and…? – Jan-Simon Moeller

Sidlaw Auditorium
BoF: Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded – Armin Kuster & Nicolas Dechesne

Lennox 1
Managing Linux Kernel Configurations with Config Fragments – Darren Hart

Lennox 2
Debian & Yocto: State of the Art – Kazuhiro Hayashi

Lennox 3
Creating Your Own Tiny Linux Distribution Using Yocto: Keeping it Small With Poky-Tiny – Alejandro Hernandez

Lennox 3
Building Container Images with OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project – Scott Murray

Menteith Suite
From Embedded Linux Build Systems to Edge Computing – Cezary Dynak

Lammermuir 2
Why the Yocto Project for My IoT Project – Drew Moseley

All Day
Carrick Suite
Yocto Project Developer Day Europe 2018 – sign up above