This document defines the scope of work requested for the Yocto Project for a Build & Integration Engineer. The document specifies the required timelines and deliverable. The information provided in this document should be used to provide quotation for the required tasks.


The Yocto Project is looking to expand its capacity and maintain its reputation for quality. To do this we believe that assistance in specific areas would be beneficial and ensure key tasks have people dedicated to performing them. As such the Yocto Project is looking for additional resources in these areas.

Scope of work

The work to be accomplished under this RFQ is to assist the Yocto Project Architect in a wide array of tasks.

The key tasks which make the scope of this RFQ are:

  • Batch patches together and run through automated testing
  • Identify patches causing regressions and feedback to submitters
  • Assist in debugging the AutoBuilder
  • Assist in monitoring the AutoBuilder builds
  • Triage failed builds and open defects if appropriate
  • Work on specific bug/defects in bugzilla identified by the Yocto Project Bug Triage team as needing more urgent resolution

Given the nature of the work it is not possible to predict the workload at any given time or what timezone these events occur.


As part of this RFQ, the Yocto Project expects to build a long term relationship with any Build & Integration Engineer. The project leadership team estimates that the workload for a senior engineer should be no more than fifty percent (50%) of a full time engineer. Given the nature of the work, the project expects that the workload will be spread evenly throughout the year.

In addition, the quotation should include evidences that the proposed candidate has the following skills and experience:

  • Working knowledge of git
  • Experience with Buildbot or CI Workflows
  • Good English communication skills
  • Comfortable with communicating via email and IRC
  • Open Source, specifically OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project, including upstream contributions in these projects.
  • Able to work with a diverse open source community of contributors.
  • Has experience with Python programming and shell scripts.
  • Working knowledge of the Yocto Project Bugzilla
  • 5 years Yocto Project / OpenEmbedded experience
  • Proven track record of strong investigative and troubleshooting skills

The following skills and experience, while not strictly required, would be very much desired:

  • Working knowledge of the Yocto Project AutoBuilder
  • Knowledge of Patchwork
  • Recommend candidate is an OpenEmbedded member


While the general intention that the whole scope of work as defined in the section “Scope of work” is to be accomplished by the contractor, the Yocto Project will maintain the right to exit the contract at the end of each quarter. The response to this RFQ is expected to provide the quotation for the development tasks defined in “Scope of work”.

Please send quotations to