These materials started as a Yocto Project 1.3 "Danny" lab for Yocto Project Developer Day at ELCE 2013. Author Tom Zanussi has kindly updated them for later versions, including YP 1.4 "Dylan", YP 1.5 "Dora", YP 1.6 "Daisy" and YP 2.1 "Krogoth".

Each lab is a self-contained, self-guided hands-on tutorial for working with kernels in the Yocto Project. Simply download the kernel-lab-x.x.pdf for the Yocto release you're interested in. The .pdf contains all the instructions you need to get set up and complete the lab, including download instructions for whatever else is needed along the way.

Follow this link to the original lab for YP 1.3 "Danny", which was presented at ELC 2013. Updated lab materials are listed below.

Keep an eye on this space for future updates.