Darren Hart, Intel.

Although embedded systems are less and less resource constrained, there is still a lot of demand for minimizing the image size, runtime memory usage, and boot time. The firmware, kernel configuration, hardware initialization, boot-time arguments, start-up scripts, and library sizes are all examples of things with a direct impact on your image size and/or boot time. There are several core processes involved with minimizing the size of an image, which has a direct impact on runtime memory usage and boot time. BSP developers will want to attend to learn about these processes and see how to apply them to any BSP. We will focus on configuration techniques that get you most of the way there and follow-up with source-level customizations that get you the rest of the way.

Darren has presented on various Linux kernel related topics at the Ottawa Linux Symposium, Linux Plumbers Conference, Linux Con, the Real-Time Linux Workshop, and the Realtime and Embedded Computing Conference.

Video source: http://free-electrons.com/blog/elce-2011-videos/


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