NOTE: Hob is now deprecated and will no longer be available beginning with the 2.1 release of the Yocto Project. You can use Toaster instead.

Hob is a graphical user interface for BitBake. Its primary goal is to enable a user to perform common tasks more easily. The primary focus of the initial Hob release in Yocto 1.1 was to enable a user to generate a custom OS image. The next major release of Hob in Yocto Project version 1.2 was the result of a community-based design effort and represented a complete overhaul. The current version of Hob is an improved developer experience, both for the experienced user and for the beginner. Here is what you can do with the current version of Hob:

  • Modify existing base image recipes
  • Build images
  • Run images in the QEMU emulator
  • Deploy images to a USB disk for live-booting on a target device

Project Category

GUI Development Tools