Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite (edgerouter)

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Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite (edgerouter)

The EdgeRouter Lite is part of the EdgeMax series. It is a MIPS64 router
(based on the Cavium Octeon processor) with 512MB of RAM, which uses an
internal USB pendrive for storage.

Setup instructions

Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-A8 development board (Beaglebone)

Texas Instruments Beaglebone (beaglebone)

The Beaglebone is an ARM Cortex-A8 development board with USB, Ethernet, 2D/3D accelerated graphics, audio, serial, JTAG, and SD/MMC. The Black adds a faster CPU, more RAM, eMMC flash and a micro HDMI port. The beaglebone MACHINE is tested on the following platforms:

o Beaglebone Black A6 o Beaglebone A6 (the original "White" model)