[yocto] CONF_VERSION and LCONF_VERSION details

keith.derrick keith.derrick at lge.com
Wed Oct 23 18:24:35 PDT 2019

Could someone explain how these work and what the permissible values are? The documentation is sadly lacking in details beyond that they are incremented when a file changes incompatibly.

Specifically, what counts as "incompatible"? The contents of the file (i.e. the templates have been updated so the generated file in build/conf needs to be replaced), or the format of the files? Also, is TEMPLATECONF considered at all?

In my case, we have our own templates and thus set TEMPLATECONF before sourcing oe-init-build-env. But running bitbake seems to compare the LCONF_VERSION from build/conf (for example) against the template in poky/meta-poky/conf rather than the ones in our layer. Is this because we still have DISTRO set to "poky" or will it always do that?

I had updated our templates, bumped the version numbers, and then ran oe-init-build-env (actually our own wrapper) in the expectation that it would updated the files under build/conf from the updated templates. Instead it did nothing, and I got errors when I ran bitbake and it found the values differed,

Is it that the values must always match those in meta-poky, even if you have your own distro (i.e. DISTRO set to something else)? Should TEMPLATECONF be set in our custom local.conf.sample?


Keith Derrick

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