[yocto] Basic Yocto+CMake Usage question

A aaron.biver at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 09:20:43 PDT 2019

I'm having issues with a yocto build that is combining recipes that should
depend on each other, and I need a sanity check.  Is this an ok forum for
stupid user questions?

The main idea is to have one recipe install some prebuilt libraries, and
have another cmake-based recipe use those libraries.

As a caveat, this is a native version of the build that I seem to be having
trouble with, but I assume that is mostly irrelevant:

In ProjectA, the meat of the matter is a do_install that copies
ProjectA*.so into STAGING_LIBDIR.  I don't recall why I chose that instead
of ${D}${libdir}... is it ok this way?
In ProjectB, I'd like CMake's find_library() to find Project A's libraries,
and I seem to be having trouble.

How would you approach this?  The recipe for Project B contains "inherit
cmake" and some variables I pass in with an EXTRA_OECMAKE and an

I also have there:
DEPENDS += "ProjectA"
DEPENDS_class-native = "ProjectA-native"

However,in ProjectB's find_library() call, I am uncertain how to direct it
to find those libraries - what PATHS or HINTS or whatever?

Any help is gladly appreciated.
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