[yocto] Seeking recommendation for low cost dev board with Gigabit Ethernet that as a Yocto BSP

Dimitris Tassopoulos dimtass at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 14:13:29 PDT 2019

Hi Bob,

for low cost BSPs you can have a look at some allwinner boards from
FriendlyElec and OrangePi.

I've created meta layer to support most of the H2, H3 and H5 arm cores here:

So you can grab any of those boards that has a GbE. Now, regarding the need
of binary firmwares
for the NICs I can't tell you which of the boards the do fill your needs,
but I guess you can have
a look.

Some boards the support GbE are:
- NanoPi-Neo2 ~20USD (http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPi_NEO2
- NanoPi-K1 Plus ~35USD (
- NanoPi Neo Plus2 ~35USD (

- Orange Pi Zero Plus ~15EUR (
- Orange Pi PC2 ~20USD (
- Orange Pi Zero Plus2 ~24USD (
- Orange Pi Prime ~41USD (

Soon (probably this weekend), I'll release a new meta layer that supports
the NanoPi-Neo4 board,
which has an RK3399 + GbE. If you're interested I'll send you the link for
the repo. That costs ~50USD

Now, regarding the H2, H3 and H5 I do also support RT kernels for the 4.14
and the 4.19.
So these are your options:
- 4.14.78 SMP
- 4.19.21 SMP
- 4.14.78 PREEMPT-RT
- 4.19.15 PREEMPT-RT

I do updates from time to time on the layer, but not that often.

Hope that helps a bit.


Bob Cochran <yocto at mindchasers.com> schrieb am Fr., 22. März 2019, 18:12:

> Hello All,
> Can anyone recommend a ~$50 dev board that runs Yocto and has a single
> Gigabit Ethernet port?
> The boards we are aware of either have 100Mbit Ethernet, don't meet the
> price target, or has a Gigabit Ethernet port that has reduced
> capabilities via firmware (Ethernet driver isn't open source).
> Thank you,
> Bob
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