[yocto] Wic can't find mkfs.btrfs

Timothy Froehlich tfroehlich at archsys.io
Tue Mar 19 12:40:07 PDT 2019

Been slogging through this one for a bit, would appreciate any helpful

I'm using mender.io's layer which includes a class that builds a full SD
card image including multiple partitions. I'm trying to turn one of those
partitions into a btrfs partition and my current error is "A native program
mkfs.btrfs... was not found". Wic's source code comments suggest that it's
looking for native utils in STAGING_DIR_NATIVE, which bitbake -e says is in
work/<target>/<imgname>/<imgversion>/recipe-sysroot, and when I checked, it
does indeed include mkfs.ext4/vfat but not btrfs. I haven't yet found the
mechanism that copies these files into the location (thought occurs to me
to check the image's logs itself) so I don't know what mechanism is failing
to copy the mkfs.btrfs but is working for mkfs.ext*. Any pointers?

Tim Froehlich
Embedded Linux Engineer
tfroehlich at archsys.io
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