[yocto] QA cycle report for 2.7 RC2

Jain, Sangeeta sangeeta.jain at intel.com
Thu Apr 25 23:27:51 PDT 2019

QA cycle report for 2.7 RC2:

  1.  No high milestone defects.
  2.  Test results are available at following location:
*        For results of all automated tests, please refer to results at public AB [1].
*        For other test results, refer to attachment [2].
*        For test report for test cases run by Intel and WR team, refer attachment [3]
*        For full test report, refer attachment [4]

  1.  No new defects are found in this cycle.
  2.  No existing issues observed in this release
  3.  No ptests are failing in this release which were passing in previous release. No timeout issues.

QA Hint: One failure was observed on public AB:

testseries | result_id : qemuppc | oeselftest_centos-7_qemuppc_20190414221329

No bug filed for this issue, as it appears to be an intermittent failure and worked on rc1 test run.

======= Links ========

Link to testresults:

[1] - https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/releases/yocto-2.7.rc2/testresults/

[2] - 2.7_RC2_results_merged.zip

[3] - 2.7_ rc2_intel_wr_merged_report

[4] - 2.7 _rc2_full_report

Thanks & Regards,
Sangeeta Jain

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