[yocto] [OE-core] Yocto Project Status WW17'19

Richard Purdie richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org
Tue Apr 23 07:49:10 PDT 2019

Current Dev Position: YP 2.7 M4 (2.7 rc2 is in QA)
Next Deadline: YP 2.7 Release Target April 26, 2019

SWAT Team Rotation:
SWAT lead is currently: ArminSWAT team rotation: Armin -> Anuj on Apr.
26, 2019SWAT team rotation: Armin -> Paul on May. 3, 2019
Next Team Meetings:
Bug Triage meeting Thursday April 25th at 7:30am PDT (
https://zoom.us/j/454367603)YP 2.8 Planning meeting Tuesday May 7th at
8am PDT (https://zoom.us/j/990892712) 
Key Status/Updates:
Stephen is going to be unavailable for several weeks, please refer any
queries to RichardYP 2.6.2 was released!YP 2.5.3 is likely to be
released imminentlyYP 2.7 rc2 (warrior) is currently going through
QA.The final two members of the new YP TSC were elected, Denys and
Armin. The TSC will therefore now start to discuss how its going to
establish itself and operate.Huge thanks to Joshua Watt for diving in
and helping file some ptest bugs and helping sort some missing tweaks
with resulttool, it was just appreciatedPatches are continuing to flow
into master, slightly impeded by holidays/vacation in some parts of the
world.WDD, our bug tracking metric is sharply rising as there are few
people helping with bugs.The 2.8 planning discussions are starting and
there is a google doc summarising the discussions so far: 
people are planning to work on specific things in 2.8 please let us
know so we can incorporate this into our plans. If you’re interested in
working on anything in the document, please also let us know or talk
with us in one of the planning meetings.

Planned Releases for YP 2.7:
YP 2.7 M4 Cutoff was Apr. 1, 2019YP 2.7 M4 Release Target is Apr. 26,
Planned upcoming dot releases:
YP 2.5.3 (Sumo) is due for release.
Tracking Metrics:
WDD 2598 (last week 2523) (
https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/charts/combo.html)Poky Patch Metrics
 Total patches found: 1553 (last week 1553)Patches in the Pending
State: 654 (42%) [last week 654 (42%)]
Key Status Links for YP:

The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at: 

[If anyone has suggestions for other information you’d like to see on
this weekly status update, let us know!]
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