[yocto] How to remove packages from Image coming because of RDEPENDS

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> Hi,
> How can we remove inclusion of any package which comes because some other
> package RDPENDS on it?
> For example, rpcbind recipe RDEPENDS on shadow and libpam packages,
> because of which if IMAGE_INSTALL+="rpcbind" is mentioned in recipe ( even
> though shadow and libpam are not added like this explicilty) , shadow and
> libpam packages get packaged in Image rootfs.
> This even includes any bin/sbin provided by shadow/libpam, even when they
> are not needed in rootfs.
> Is there an optimum way to control inclusion of RDEPENDS packages?

You need to somehow change the RDEPENDS via one of the mechanisms like
by splitting the packaging into smaller, more specific sub-packages, etc.

If a package has a RDEPENDS on something else, you can't simply ignore it
or filter it out .. whoever
wrote the recipe is indicating that it is required at runtime. So if you
are saying that it isn't required at
runtime, you should be sending patches to the recipes (and using the
mechanisms like I mention
above) to explain why it really isn't a runtime dependency.


> One way is to use ROOTFS_POST_PROCESS and remove specific files after
> do_rootfs task is done.
> But is there a way to remove entire package, instead of removing each file
> ?
> Warm Regards,
> Priyanshu Sharma
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