[yocto] [meta-rockchip] [PATCH 0/5] add new SoCs support

Ayaka ayaka at soulik.info
Tue Apr 23 03:56:42 PDT 2019

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> On Apr 23, 2019, at 4:02 PM, Trevor Woerner <twoerner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Randy,
>> On Sun 2019-04-21 @ 11:53:34 PM, Randy 'ayaka' Li wrote:
>> After the FOSDEM, my patches for ARMv8 cortex tuning
>> are finally merged. So I think it is complete the
>> lose piece at meta-rockchip.
>> Since the big-litte is not supported by OE now,
>> I make all the chips' configure to use the big core
>> tuning.
>> Randy 'ayaka' Li (5):
>>  conf/machine: rk3288: Add some machine files
>>  conf/machine: add rk3399 support
>>  conf/machine: add support for rk3328
>>  conf/machine: add support for rk3036
>>  conf/machine: add support for rv1108
> I don't get the impression any of these patches were created for
> git.yoctoproject.org/meta-rockchip. Although they apply, none of them actually
> work. Or if they were intended for git.yoctoproject.org/meta-rockchip, then it
> doesn't look like they were intended for the master branch (which is the
> assumption when no branch tags are mentioned).
I am very sorry, it was based on a old version of meta-rockchip(two years ago) and I thought this project is not that active, when I pick up them from my repository(the one with GPU and VPU support) I didn’t meet any problem, so I thought it would work.
 I forgot the linux-rockchip is removed now I fix them soon. About the duplication configuration, as the bitbake doesn’t warn them so I didn’t notice this problem.

I would sent out a new version later.
> For example, many of these new MACHINEs indicate the Linux kernel
> to use is "linux-rockchip" or "linux". Neither of these exist in
> git.yoctoproject.org/meta-rockchip (or openembedded-core), so building any of
> the MACHINEs introduced in these patches that specify either of these kernels
> will fail.
> git.yoctoproject.org/meta-rockchip is a community layer focused on providing
> builds composed of upstream and open-source components (i.e. U-Boot from
> git.denx.de/u-boot.git and the Linux kernel from kernel.org). Some BSP layers
> (e.g. meta-freescale) are able to provide users with a switch so that builds
> can be built either from vendor sources or upstream sources by setting one
> parameter, but so far git.yoctoproject.org/meta-rockchip doesn't have this
> functionality and my attempts to get this functionality integrated at a
> higher level (i.e. instead of having every BSP layer implement this logic
> independently) haven't met with success.
> Best regards,
>    Trevor

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