[yocto] Static code analysis

Konrad Weihmann kweihmann at outlook.com
Mon Apr 15 05:40:41 PDT 2019

Hi All,

I didn't know where to put this else, so here I am.
I've been working with YOCTO for quite a while on professional and personal projects.
>From time to time I wished I had some static code analysis inside of the build chain.
Esp. when something quite obvious (like a badly written shell-script) flipped the whole build - For most of my professional work I've always used the fail-early principle, which often means dying at build time instead of dying in testing.
Over at GitHub (https://github.com/priv-kweihmann/meta-sca) you can find my current implementation of static code analysis tools to be used in YOCTO.

If you're interested please have a look at it, and maybe if you like join the further development (or at least the discussion).
Hope for some serious feedback,
Best regards
K. Weihmann
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