[yocto] fitImage: hangs at "Starting kernel ..."

Pierluigi Greto pierluigi.greto at bisdn.de
Wed Apr 17 08:05:55 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I'm trying to build an image for an arm platform with uboot. After the 
installation, when the system is starting it hangs at "Starting kernel 
...". In the log I can see that the kernel uncompressed image, the 
ramdisk subimage and  the Flat Device Tree are found. But the kernel 
doesn't start.
Any hints on how to check what it's wrong with the image? For example if 
the kernel is correctly compiled, the FTD is the right one ecc.
The loaded kernel is shown as "uncompressed", there is some way to 
define the compression type in yocto (I have an image that works and the 
kernel is shown as "gzip compressed")? Could the compression type be a 

Any hint is very welcome.

Thank you,

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