[yocto] Compiling on target - building buildessentials error

Patrick Schneider patrick.schneider at bhtronik.de
Fri Apr 12 00:42:16 PDT 2019

Hi guys,
I am trying to use gcc on my target board. In order to do that I added packagegroup-core-buildessentials to my image. At least I tried to.
When building I get that error:
packagegroup-core-buildessential : Depends: libstdc++-dev but it is not installable
After trying a lot of things and playing around with different packages it seems that I am generally not able to add *-dev packages to my image, or at least build them with bitbake to add them manually. Everything I try with *-dev involved throws an error. For example if I am adding 'dev-pkgs' to my EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES variable I get over 200 errors with all dev-packages missing just like that above.
I must have something misconfigured in my local/distro/machine/image conf files but I can't figure out what.
Any help appreciated.

Best regards,
Patrick Schneider

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