[yocto] Changing IMAGE_NAME [yocto krogoth]

Mauro Ziliani mauro at faresoftware.it
Wed Apr 10 02:47:42 PDT 2019

Hi all.

I need to change the default IMAGE_NAME of my image recipe.

I make my image recipe as mysystem-image_1.0.bb and I'd like to produce
and image (tar) with the name


So I setup


I made some compilation of mysystem with the default IMAGE_NAME.

Than I update the value of IMAGE_NAME.

Now when I rebuild the image bitbke tell me

ERROR: When reparsing mysystem-image_1.0.do_roots, the basehash value
change from .... to ....

If i restore the IMAGE_NAME to the default value this message disappear

How can I change the IMAGE_NAME as I need and avoi this message?

Best regards,


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